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生产袜子的小型机械 多少钱一台

Smart Twister
Optim Twister
Jumbo Twister
Drum Assembly Winder
Precision Assembly Winder
Soft Winder


生产袜子的小型机械 多少钱一台

Smart Twister is a new generation of twister and was firstly shown in the ITMA Asia Exhibition in 2012. This twister is in response to the demand for the global customers to look for labor and energy reduction significantly.



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Our vision: become leading cooperation of global twisting industry

Suzhou Imagin Machinery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech equipment manufacturer, specialized in product research& development, production, marketing and services.Since founded in 2009, we have shared the same management idea with similar Europe enterprises, and aimed to be a leading enterprise of global twisting system and yarn handling industry.We provide higher added-value product and customized solution! We keep looking for textile enterprises with bigger dream and higher pursuer to cooperate deeply and realize win-win situation.